imNativ Video




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Client: imNativ, Aurim Spa

Photography & Direction: Andrea Pugiotto

Production: Ippocampostudio.

Agencies: Andrea Castelletti Studio + HOBO

Executive Creative Direction: Andrea Castelletti

Strategy Director: Mila Ligugnana

Graphic Designer: Andrea Flemma

Web Design: Parco Studio

Social Media Manager: Luca Forzan, LF Design

Copywriter & Content Creator: David Plaisant

The moment you produce any product from scratch, you cannot claim it has zero impact. This is the main proposition of the Italian textile brand imNativ:

"when imNativ was born we had a clear vision, an honest approach that sees so-called zero environmental impact as a big lie. That’s why we are turning to innovation to create something that can at least reduce the environmental burden of our product."

The imNativ visual identity had to reflect its vision, so we adopted a challenging, extrovert and provocative visual approach and a deeply honest and clear tone of voice, in order to preserve the inner meaning of the brand and to detach it from all the competitors.