“See it. Discovering the wonder of the world where we born. Child eyes. Crash into each other. As passengers in a train. Strangers. Deep. Exist. Give the meaning to your Other.”

IPPOCAMPOSTUDIO. is a creative atelier founded in 2012 by the tireless Italian photographer and director Andrea Pugiotto, together with his well-known work as an artist.

Specialized in video and photo productions, creative direction, brand identity and copywriting, IPPOCAMPOSTUDIO. can count on a high-focused and fluid senior team which can vary depending on the project, requests and clients, always under the creative direction of its founder.


This is the definition that suits us the most. Our job is to tell a story, entering the inner world of our clients’ identity, building a vision, creating a coherent narration. Our aim is to establish a deep, intangible relationship between who tells the story and who is listening.

We Rock:

Commissioned Reportages

Creative Direction


Social Media Photo & Video Contents